SimaPro for life cycle assessment (LCA) and carbon footprinting using the Ecoinvent database. Sustainability metrics and environmental analysis can be achieved using SimaPro to carry out life cycle analysis for corporate social responsibility etc. Keywords: simapro lca life cycle analysis life cycle assessment carbon footprint carbon footprinting ecoinvent life cycle inventory simapro ecoprofile gabi environmental software tools sustainability measures life cycle analysis lifecycle assessment lifecycle analysis environmental eco-profiles eco-design.

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SimaPro is the most powerful LCA software, but if you want a more streamlined approach there are other options...

SimaPro is powerful software for detailed LCAs. For example, SimaPro is the world’s only LCA software that fully implements unit processes as well as system processes.  



LENS Energy


SimaPro Share & Collect



This makes SimaPro excellent for detailed investigative LCAs, but it does mean that simpler solutions can be easier to use. For example, sometimes managers don’t want to be LCA experts, they simply need to adjust results and try options.

SimaPro Share & Collect is perfect for that.

There are also other software solutions that support sustainability requirements other than LCA. For example LENS Energy is for live energy monitoring, Superpac is for designing packaging, and 3Pillars is for social responsibility.

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Imagine you looked at a process for the production of cement. Other software solutions only show you the data for the cement. SimaPro can also show you all the processes that go into making cement - for example, you can click on the clinker input into cement, and the clinker process will open up and show you all the inputs into clinker. You can trace back through all the processes that contribute to a process.