SimaPro for life cycle assessment (LCA) and carbon footprinting using the Ecoinvent database. Sustainability metrics and environmental analysis can be achieved using SimaPro to carry out life cycle analysis for corporate social responsibility etc. Keywords: simapro lca life cycle analysis life cycle assessment carbon footprint carbon footprinting ecoinvent life cycle inventory simapro ecoprofile gabi environmental software tools sustainability measures life cycle analysis lifecycle assessment lifecycle analysis environmental eco-profiles eco-design.

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SimaPro 8.2 with Ecoinvent 3.2

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SimaPro 8.2 incorporating Ecoinvent 3.2 is now available. Registered users will receive email messages explaining how to update to SimaPro 8.2. On the right is a presentation showing SimaPro 8’s new features. Here is information about the new features of SimaPro 8.2 and how to update from earlier versions:

The SimaPro developer website contains extensive SimaPro 8 information:

SimaPro 8 versus SimaPro 7

New: SimaPro 8 Presentation

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A  pdf of a Powerpoint presentation going through all the many remarkable  new features of SimaPro 8 and Ecoinvent 3 can be downloaded here.


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