SimaPro for life cycle assessment (LCA) and carbon footprinting using the Ecoinvent database. Sustainability metrics and environmental analysis can be achieved using SimaPro to carry out life cycle analysis for corporate social responsibility etc. Keywords: simapro lca life cycle analysis life cycle assessment carbon footprint carbon footprinting ecoinvent life cycle inventory simapro ecoprofile gabi environmental software tools sustainability measures life cycle analysis lifecycle assessment lifecycle analysis environmental eco-profiles eco-design.

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SimaPro UK Contact Information

We look forward to your enquiry. For UK and Ireland enquiries please email this UK address (for other countries see link below):

We can help you in the UK and Ireland only. We regret we cannot respond to enquiries from other countries. If you are based in another country please get in touch with your nearest SimaPro contact here:

For online technical support, the SimaPro developers’ website is an excellent resource:

To keep in contact with SimaPro and LCA issues there is an LCA discussion list. LCA practitioners can use the list to ask questions and make contributions regarding SimaPro, methodology, data, and LCA events:

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UK and Ireland Enquiries:

jessica @

If you have a few minutes to spare you can now watch a SimaPro training video.  A variety of SimaPro training subjects are covered, each presented in a short format:



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Effective LCA with SimaPro is a two-day training course held six times a year in Holland. Further details here:

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Corporate Sustainability Support

SimaPro Teamwork is your extended team. Whatever sustainability requirements you have, the team is here to help: